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Personal Framework Essay

Regardless of the assortment of approaches and helpful ideal models, accessible to proficient clinicians and instructors, they regularly will in general organize a couple of systems as â€Å"personal† ones. The current paper talks about the instance of 67-year-old widow, experiencing misery and battling with the difficulties of isolation. For example, if the expert, liable for overseeing and arranging treatments depends principally on psychodynamic psychotherapy, is probably going to concentrate on the woman’s oblivious inspirations and mentalities. The as of late bereft lady will go to meetings on more than one occasion per week on the off chance that she is moderately steady genuinely and talk about her fantasies, unconstrained musings and perceptions. Given that psychodynamic approach depends intensely upon Freudian character structure, the expert is bound to concentrate on the woman’s relationship with her better half so she can resolve the inward clash and take out her survivor’s blame (Boylan, Mally and Reilly, 2001, p. 68). Psychodynamic advisor will likewise talk about the woman’s early years so as to discover the genuine dangerous examples in her mentalities and conduct and step by step expel them by clarifying and explaining the reasons for her present status. In the event that the lady experiences intense and inescapable enthusiastic states, the adherent of blueprint treatment will look for the negative maladaptive example, which makes impediments to tolerating the loss of the life partner (Young, Klosko and Weishaar, 2003, p. 11). Patterns are â€Å"comprised of recollections, feelings, discernments, and substantial sensations in regards to oneself and one’s associations with others and are created during youth or adolescence† (Young, Klosko and Weishaar, 2003, p. 7). Subsequent to learning the patient’s history, the specialist is probably going to discover an example of solid dread of forlornness or a comparative dangerous mapping. Thinking about the woman’s demeanor, the pro will rebuild this dread by showing independence and concentrating on the positive psychoemotional and shocking examples, related with the substance with life (e. . joy of breathing natural air, eating, playing with grandkids, etc). The supporter of arrangement centered viewpoint is probably going in any case the alleged supernatural occurrence question so as to decide the parts of life (feelings, encounters) the lady needs (Boylan, Mally and Reilly, 2001, p. 34). The lady should envision her life partner has r eturned and characterize the principal indications of the marvel, her activities, plans and emotions. Besides, the advisor poses inquiries to recognize the patient’s qualities, aptitudes, gifts and capacities and starts to energize her by phrases like â€Å"I comprehend your difficulties, however I am truly astounded by the way that you are go about as a confident individual and figure out how to put every one of your choices to practice†. Meeting by meeting, the expert bit by bit situates the patient to utilizing her most grounded focuses and capacities like basic reasoning, assurance or capability in specific exercises and zones. Subjective conduct specialist is probably going to utilize the ABC model of mental change and build up the connection between the initiating occasion (the loss of the spouse), unjust and flawed convictions and outcomes (Boylan, Mally and Reilly, 2001, p. 38). For example, the lady may accept she is vulnerable without her significant other or that no one needs her any more drawn out as she has lost her life partner. Further, the specialist is probably going to challenge her unjust convictions with the end goal of subjective rebuilding, so the patient will before long reason that her life proceeds and act all the more productively. This treatment approach suggests various assignments including conduct change plans, feelings and comprehension journals, so the patient will likewise create more prominent mindfulness and much better comprehend her musings, desires, convictions and goals. As one can finish up, albeit distinctive treatment viewpoints suggest disparate strategies for impact, they really seek after comparative objectives, which fundamentally incorporate standardization of the person’s physical and otherworldly prosperity just as social working.

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The Origin Of Life Essays - Origin Of Life, Astrobiology

The Origin Of Life The source of Life There are numerous hypotheses where life originated from, however none of them is demonstrated to be the correct one. The conspicuous hypothesis that life started on earth isn't acknowledged by everybody. One explanation of mistrust in this hypothesis that life began on earth is an absence of time. It was an early conviction that life started through a moderate and long procedure (numerous researchers don't share this conviction however), most likely excessively short and unreasonably long for the time life had on our planet. Life probably been framed inside a time of around 200 million years. In the event that we speak to the entire Christian time - 2,000 years - by one inch, the time accessible for the development of life could gauge as much as 1.5 miles. Another hypothesis called panspermia claims that life was made elsewhere, not on earth, and went to our planet by means of shooting stars or comets. Another rendition of panspermia guaranteed by Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel is t hat life was brought to earth by a spaceship sent by an increasingly learned animal varieties. This hypothesis is called coordinated panspermia. The last hypothesis may be the most outlandish one, since there is no real proof for spaceships or species from different planets. The panspermia hypothesis can not be discredited and it may be conceivable that life came to earth by means of a comet. Bodies like comets contain natural atoms which are like the particles of living creatures, yet most researchers state that responses making these atoms happen out there. We can not discover a response for this inquiry since neither one of the theories can thoroughly be demonstrated. Supporters of the panspermia hypothesis state that there was insufficient time for life to begin. Supporters of the hypothesis that life began on earth can not demonstrate that life didn't originate from space. The Christian hypothesis that life was made by God is dynamic and won't be examined further in this paper. Actually I put stock in the hypothesis that life was conceived on earth. Six components are expected to make life. Pretty much every natural issue can be summed up emblematically in these six distinct components: carbon (C), hydrogen (H), nitrogen (N), oxygen (O), phosphorus (P), and sulfur (S). One additionally says that life can be clarified by the equation CHNOPS. These are the primary characters in the production of life artificially. Realizing that these six components are expected to make life we need to discover in what condition these components were. It is as yet not comprehended what the structure of the crude air was. It was accepted that the air comprised of hydrogen (H2), methane (CH4), smelling salts (NH3), and water fume (H2O). However, this is questioned today. Researchers state that carbon presumably was absent in the blend with hydrogen (methane). It likely was available in the mix with oxygen, generally with carbon dioxide, or CO2. In the early long periods of the earth, around 4 billion years prior, there was no oxygen in the climate of the world. There should be life so as to have free oxygen. What was the temperature on earth in nowadays? It is basically difficult to track down the response to this inquiry, yet it is a significant issue to know since temperature restrains the life expectancy of biomolecules, for example, proteins, nucleic acids, and the squares they were contained in. Thinking about this reality physicists accept that the temperature of the earth may have been freezing, conceivably under the point of solidification. Geochemists, however, don't think along these lines. They accept that temperature may have been near the breaking point of water, yet they additionally accept that there more likely than not been a high climatic weight, which shielded the seas from bubbling. How was the sun? Four billion years prior the sun was cooler than today. It conveyed most likely 25% less vitality to the Earth than today. Be that as it may, this was likely balanced by the nursery impact of climatic carbon dioxide. There unquestionably was a ton of water in the start of life. Water is the fundamental component of any living life form. The air over the water was overwhelming with carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen

Dalit Discourse in Indian Education Dhanaraju Vulli Essay Example for Free

Dalit Discourse in Indian Education Dhanaraju Vulli Essay Unique There are two kinds of educational system India in the issue of mode of guidance i.e the local language framework and the English language framework. There is an obvious division between the uppers positions world class kids and Dalit kids in getting of English medium training in Indian culture. The Dalits kids are given instruction in local language schools while English language school training is intended for the upper ranks youngsters. This division has consistently been reflecting among government and private English medium schools. For the sake of primary language the state and the upper position tip top consistently propel the local mode of guidance in the approach making. This was one of the present issues in Indian Educational framework. This paper can be partitioned into four sections. The initial segment will feature the language strategy after Indian Independence. The subsequent part talks about the idea of first language and its significance in the contextualizing of instructive talk in India. In the third part I would feature the present discussion on language arrangement and its significance in the Indian instructive framework. This is significant in the comprehension of governmental issues of mechanism of language in the present instructive talk. The last part manages the reaction of the Dalits towards the English training and how they assault the upper standing nature towards territorial medium instruction. While trying to find the significance of instructive arrangement in the more extensive socio-chronicled and political setting, I will address anâ ideological deconstruction of governmental issues of primary language in the current Indian instructive framework. Catchphrases: English instruction, language, native language, globalization. Presentation The inquiry regarding which language ought to be utilized as a mechanism of guidance in nation like India is an easily proven wrong subject. The inquiry is regularly presented in double terms: Should the mechanism of guidance be a local language or English? Language is a vehicle for learning just as articulation of thoughts. A propelled language (English) helps in intellectually give individuals toâ communicate each other over the world. Then again, an immature language has its confinements. It keeps individuals immature, all the more so those in denied areas. The educational system is separated into two kinds with regards to mode of guidance i.e the territorial language framework and the English language framework. There is an obvious division between theâ uppers stations tip top kids and Dalit youngsters in getting of English medium training in Indian culture. The dalitsâ cholderns are given training in territorial language schools while English language school instruction is in tended for the upper positions youngsters. This division has consistently been reflecting betweenâ government and private English medium schools. For the sake of first language the state and the upper rank tip top consistently urge the provincial mode of guidance in the approach making. This was one of the present issues in Indian Educational framework. India. In the third part I will feature the present discussion on language approach and its significance in the Indian instructive framework. This is significant in the comprehension of governmental issues of mode of language in the present instructive talk. The last part talks about the reaction of the Dalits towards the English training and how they assault the upper rank nature towards job of native language in the Indian instruction .In an endeavor to find the significance of instructive approach in the more extensive sociohistoricalâ and political setting, I will address an ideological deconstruction of legislative issues of primary language in the current Indian instructive framework. Chronicled View of the Language Policy in Indian Training The chronicled perspective on the development of the language arrangement in India let know us how the significance of English and its job in Indian Education. India is multilingual nation. It has been reflecting in the definition of the language arrangement. The Indian constitution has given that the essential training must be instructed through the native language or local language. Nonetheless, a status review of language guidance in the nation uncovered that of the 1652 first languages recorded by the 1961 Census, there are 51 dialects which are spoken by beyond what The current paper can be partitioned into four sections. The initial segment 100,000 individuals each. Of these 51 dialects, 16 have no content of will feature the language approach after Indian Independence. their own, and just the staying 35 dialects are acknowledged as The subsequent part talks about the idea of native language and its media of guidance at the school level1. English is a typical significance in the contextualizing of instructive talk inâ language and it is a required language in the advanced education The National Council of Educational Recorded the interest and significance of English language inâ the position paper regarding the National Curriculum The Indianâ government has been following three-language Framework (2005) as they expressed: â€Å"English in India today is an equation in Education as the National Commission on Education image of people’s yearnings for quality in instruction and more full 1964-1966 suggested. Along these lines three-language equation cooperation in national and global life The degree of in Education was reflected in the National Education Policies of presentation of English has now gotten a matter of political 1968 and 1986. The Commission said that the three-language reaction to people’s desires, rendering practically unimportant a framework is a suitable equation for the Indian school instruction scholarly discussion on the benefits of an early introduction†. what's more, it tends to be acceptable way to deal with oblige diverse language The Commission additionally referenced that â€Å"English will keep on peopling yet it has been reprimanded by the various areas in the appreciate a high status insofar as it remains the important vehicle of society on the execution. The Dravidain development in instruction at the college stage, and the language of Tamilnadau is the superior case as they intensely organization at the Central Government and in huge numbers of the states. Much after the territorial dialects become media ofâ opposed the inconvenience of Hindi language on south India. Advanced education in the colleges, a working information on There is no legitimate making arrangements for detailing language approach in English will be a significant resource for all understudies and an India. It very well may be viewed as an issue of status arranging as opposed to sensible capability in the language will be vital for accomplishment arranging. At long last, the three-language recipe has the individuals who continue to the university†. been risen as a strategy after expand discussions and conversations among political and scholarly people groups with enthusiasm of national However, there is questionable about the English as a vehicle of guidance in Indian instructive framework. The logical inconsistency of multilingual dialects. The National Focus Group on Teaching of English has taken aâ strong position regarding ‘English language question: The Central Advisory Board on Education additionally talked about on the â€Å"English is in India today an image of people’s goal for issue of English language and suggested that English must quality in instruction and a more full investment in national and be mandatory subject in the schools from sixth class onwards and worldwide life. Its frontier sources currently overlooked or understudies must procure enough information on English in order to be superfluous, its underlying job in autonomy India, customized to high ready to get instruction through this English in the advanced education presently felt to be inadequately comprehensive socially and training. There is another improvement occurred in the phonetically, the present province of English stems from its advancement of language strategy in India. The principal National overpowering nearness on th e world stage and the impression of Education Commission had examined the suggestions given this in the national arena†4. by the Central Advisory Board on Education. At long last they concocted end that three-language equation must be incorporated There is an astounding confidence among all segments of the general public in the setting ofâ multilingual Indian instructive framework. I contend both country and urban regions that English has the transformative that sometime in the distant past the English language was significant piece of intensity language. English is considered not to be as an aptitude language, however an instrument of prohibition language because of upper rank as a methods for a superior life, a pathway out of rejection and nationalists’ creation as they separated local language and concealment from the inconsistent society. The English language has outsider language yet now it tends to be viewed as an instrument of consideration. In developed as an amazing specialist for social change in India. the post present day India the English language is significant factor to incorporate all the areas of Indian culture. The princ iple reason is a Mother Tongue as the Medium of Instruction expanding interest for the language which is a significant device There is a well known viewpoint that advocates the utilization of mother for the advancement and improvement of the nation. Support etymological assorted variety in schools. This point of view contend that native languages are not just discourse assortments yet areâ languages that give social and passionate character toâ individuals, express the embodiment of their societies, and give them a feeling of rootedness. Tutoring in the language of the youngster reflects regard for her and a valuation for her way of life. The rejection of the first languages from school subsequently is viewed as ‘harmful to the child’s self esteem’. As per Pattanaik5 kids are in this manner â€Å"reduced toâ minorities in th

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Development and new trend of holography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Improvement and new pattern of holography - Essay Example It can allude to either the encoded objects or the subsequent picture. A holographic picture can be seen shinning a laser by means of a multi dimensional image and anticipating the reflection onto a showcase or by investigating a lit-up holographic print. A 3D image has all the earmarks of being an indefinable example of whorls and stripes, at the same time, once shone on by a lucid light, for example, by a laser pillar, it designs the light into a three-dimensional picture of the essential item (Hannes and Michael, 2008). Holography is established on the rule of impedance, whereby, the induction design between at least two beams of an intelligible light, that is a laser light, is caught by a multi dimensional image. Here, a solitary beam is lit up straightforwardly on the account mean and work as a kind of perspective to the light scattered from the lit-up scene. Thus, the visualization catches a bar as it intrigues the whole piece of film, which clarifies its portrayal as a window with memory. A holographic film physical medium is very photosensitive that incorporates a fine grains structure. Probably the most utilized materials incorporate dichromate gelatins, photopolymers and silver-halide emulsions and all have differing qualities and involve divergent handling (Hannes and Michael, 2008). A multi dimensional image is the archived impedance example of useful, power tops, and damaging, end, of the concealed light wave fronts known as the electromagnetic field. With a lucid light source and an unmistakable geometry or a short heartbeat period, the impedance design is at a stands till and, thus, can be recorded into the hologram’s photosensitive suspension. A short time later, the visualization is artificially evolved to a point where the suspension secures a regulated thickness, which freezes the surmising design into borders. While watching the regulated structure under a magnifying instrument, it seems distinctive in contrast with the picture encoded inside. The thickness borders are a dispersed example of wave front

Topic Paper 3 Essays (293 words) - Rape, Crimes Against Women

Skylar Rose Goodman October 25, 2018 Theme Paper #3 Capital punishment Reflection (Outline) Profound quality Characterized as a tenet or arrangement of good lead. (Merriam-Webster.) reference/profound quality Defendability Retaliation Irreversible Mistakes Cost of Death versus Life in Prison Race Conclusion for Victims' Families Lawyer Quality Doctors at Execution Preceding perusing the necessary novel Dead Man Walking, my perspectives on capital punishment were for the pracitce. In that, I had a firm conviction that should a life be taken, and the liable party be indicted most assuredly at all, that passing would be a fitting discipline. The main wrongdoings that capital punishment ought to be permitted would be assault in the primary degree and murder in the principal degree. While perusing Dead Man Walking, I found myself doubting my perspectives as far as the sentenced criminal's loved ones. Already, the possibility of the individuals who knew the lawbreaker and their emotions on the issue didn't happen to me, and on the off chance that they did, I frequently thought to the person in question and their family. The thinking behind this perspective was essentially that if a life is taken that thusly whoever ended that life ought to likewise bite the dust. As far as assault and rape, I accept and realize that numerous casualties, most, if not all, would feel a conviction that all is good realizing that the individual who assaulted them can not, at this point have the option to genuinely do as such.

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Associate versus Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing - 825 Words

Associate versus Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing (Essay Sample) Content: Associate versus Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Associate versus Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing Education plays an important role in improving the competence of nurses as well as other health care providers. Therefore, it is not coincidental that nurses holding a baccalaureate are favorably viewed by the American Association of College Nurses, and other nursing organizations, than associate degree holders. The differences between the two levels of studies are stark and obvious with a baccalaureate, an equivalent of a bachelor of science in nursing, taking 4-5 years in an accredited university while an associate degree takes 3 years and may be offered in community and hospital colleges. BSN nurses, courtesy of in-depth and longer training, are inevitably well versed in the critical areas of case management, leadership and critical thinking. Consequently, they are better equipped to handle diverse and comp lex inpatient and outpatient situations that their colleagues with an associate degree. This paper will dissect the competencies of nurses prepared at the associate degree level versus their baccalaureate counterparts and demonstrate that the former are inherently better positioned to handle the complex and dynamic demands of the nursing profession. To appreciate the differences in competencies between the two levels of nursing training, it is instructive to step back and examine the salient contrasts in scope and content. An associate degree, a three year course, focuses on primary nursing care. The scope and depth is reduced to fit the three year duration. In contrast, a baccalaureate degree goes deeper into the areas of nursing research, nursing management, and public health, all the while using physical and social sciences approaches (Benner, Sutphen, Leonard, & Day, 2009). Therefore, a baccalaureate nurse develops a deeper understanding of how the political, social, and econom ic orientation of a patient can affect treatment. Ultimately, they end up developing a holistic understanding on their roles than associate level nurses do. Baccalaureate nurses are better equipped to respond to the evolving demands of patients in particular and the health care system in general. As mentioned before, this level of nurse training places a lot of importance on nursing research. Therefore, a nurse emerges from training with better skills to keep up with emerging trends and respond appropriately. In contrast, associate degree nurses lack the skills to keep abreast with emerging needs of the sector. This fact is backed by The Future of Nursing report commissioned by the Institute of Medicine that recommended pursuit and achievement of higher education levels to cope with the complex and dynamic needs of the healthcare sector (Blegen, Goode, Park, Vaughn & Spetz, 2013). Indeed, a baccalaureate nurse would be better placed to handle emerging diseases such as Zika virus th an another nurse with shallow training on research and primary healthcare. A baccalaureate nurse receives more rigorous training in management and critical thinking than an associate nurse does. This fact translates to variance in competences to manage nursing resources and think fast and accurately under pressure. In a complex health institution where the number of clients outnumbers the requisite ration of nurses, a baccalaureate is better prepared to manage the situation and respond to distress with immediacy, efficiency, and accuracy. This explains why many health institutions, professional bodies, and scholars are calling for increase in baccalaureate nurses. A baccalaureate, by virtue of deeper and wider scope and content of training, is more equipped to provide critical care. A growing body of evidence shows that an increase in baccalaureate nurses in a hospital reduces mortality rate (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, n.d.). Moreover, an increase in baccalaureat e holders results to a higher survival rate for complex illnesses such as heart diseases and chance. Because of their critical thinking and problem solving skills, BSN nurses achieve high rescue rates. Markedly, there is a high correlation between a nurse’s level of education and the quality of services offered. Practical Situation To illustrate the difference in competence a baccalaureate and associate degree nurse in a practical situation, consider a scenario where the two are out to monitor and advice new mothers on maternal care. The new mother happens to have developed complications because of resuming wor...

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The Themes and Literary Styles of Edgar Allen Poe - Free Essay Example

Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19th, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts, the child of two actors. He was then adopted by the Allan family after his father abandoned him and his mother passed away. Living in Virginia, he attended the University of Virginia for only one year, due to lack of money, and was recruited into the army by his father. His time at the army was short lived, and he soon returned home. Soon after he married his thirteen year old cousin, and by the time he was 40 died, although the cause of death is unknown. Poe is well known for his different style of literary criticism, as well as the gothic genre in which he wrote. He commonly used literary styles and techniques such as personification, symbolism, and imagery, to portray different aspects of life in his storys. His work in specific go into depth on how death and love has affected the human, by personifying objects to spread a message. This allowed him to become one of the most influential and popular authors of his time. Poes constant theme of death was one of the main things that made home stand out from other authors at the time, as most authors werent accustomed to that style of writing. He drew his inspiration for many of his works, such as the Raven, from real life experiences. As he grew up many family members, his mother, father and wife, passed away so he had a lot of material to work with. Death was an interesting theme for an author to use at this time because it differed from the norm that most writers were used to, and helped deviate Poe from the average writer. This also brought the gothic literature genre into the spotlight of English literature, allowing Poe to become vastly successful. A common literary style that Poe perfected, and helped portray his theme of death in the story was personification. In one such novel, the Raven, he personifies the Raven, having it constantly say Nevermore, causing the main character to begin to feel traumatized. This is having to do with the main characters love dying. This is a very impactful piece of literature because is gives perspective on how traumatic losing a loved one can be, and how destructive it can be in the mind. This is shown when the narrator begins to go insane as the Raven constantly says nevermore. The personification of the Raven gives the Raven a more main character role, rather than a side character, as it has a major impact on the story, had it not been for the personification. Personification becomes a key aspect in many of his stories, as it allows him to create a more immense image, with a more complete style. The many sufferings that Poe had to deal with growing up, greatly affected him as a poet. The death of his mother caused him to experience death at a young age, with the feeling always sticking with him. He was so compelling was a wild genius who drew his inspiration either directly from the supernatural or directly from a bottle of rum (Green 275). Through the death of his wife, he was able to gain inspirations for many stories. One of which, The Raven, is known as one of the greatest poems of all time, and is still popular today. The abandonment of his father allowed him to tap into his inner loneliness and solitude when writing his poem, and helped him develop a new theme that was not commonly used among authors. The way Poe used Death, with the pain and intensity of its internal reality, is unmatched by any author. His short stories express the dread of human life, the nervousness of life and fear of death, and create the ultimate spectacle of death. He manifests memories in a way that seems like there will soon be happiness, Yet it permeates the poems perhaps even more than the tales for there is nothing grotesque or fantastic about them (Zayed 280). Through his stories, Poe show the readers that death is everywhere, as well as how it is unavoidable. When using death in his poetry rather than his stories, he makes death less aggressive, without the hero dealing with a tragic struggle. The Raven had many literary styles in it that helped make it so impactful. A minor one that is less important than personification was the repetition. Poe used repetition to help convey the Raven, and allow it to become a character. By having the Raven constantly repeat the word Nevermore he gave the Raven an identity, that had a major impact on the narrator of the story. Repetition also informed the author that this was an important part of the story, and caused focus to what was being repeated, as it clearly was necessary to the story. The symbol of the mistress in the Raven was very prominent, and was a key part of the story. She represented the love and happiness of the character. This also shows how since she died, he has not experienced these common pleasures. The death of his mistress has inspired him vastly, allowing him to show how much death can impact a characters life. It also shows that through his experience with death, he has become less and less of who he was before, causing him to turn too alcohol. Although this is a bad thing, this self deprivation allowed him to write stories with that same feeling, a difficult task for the average poet. Poes Gothic tales often consist of characters who wage internal conflicts. They do this by creating imaginary alter egos or they will assume alternate personalities, that differ from their norm. In William Wilson, the split personality takes the form of the narrators imagined double, as he tracks the narrator throughout Europe. The narrators sense of an articulate identity, is threatened by this rival, as it is shown that the character is unable to escape from his own superfluous characteristics. The narrator used the alternate personality to deviate from his own insanity. His inner upheaval is projected onto his alter ego, which allows him to forget that the trouble originates within him. The ultimate parallel and irrefutable comparability to the narrator, causes this alter ego to become a permanent rival of the self. Often times in his stories, Poe allows the concept of memory to bring the dead back to life. Similar to the common literary theme of this era, Poe contorted it by bringing the dead literally back to life, something not usually seen in stories. He uses this memory as the trigger to reawaken the dead, which is the central theme of these stories, with the dead most often being women. By combining the reawakening of the dead with loss of a loved one, he creates a generally unique story, that is difficult for many writers to create. Poe most notably used this theme in his story Ligeia. Ligeia is one of Poes less known stories, even though it is the perfect example of what he wrote about, and the themes that he used. Ligeia tells the story of an unnamed narrator, who cannot recount how he met his wife. A key characteristic of his wife is that he says her hair is as black as a Raven. Ravens, as most people know, are a common symbol for Poe, that he uses in many works, most notably The Raven. His wife eventually dies, and he remarries to another woman. She eventually dies as well, but he keeps her corpse. This is significant because her corpse comes back to life, and dies again, and later that night when it comes back to life, it is his first wife Ligeia, rather than the second wife. The motive of this story is that the husband cannot stop thinking about his first wife, Ligeia, even after her death and his remarriage. When his second wife Rowena begins to die, these reprised memories come back to life and take a physical form. These memories eventually become so intense that he sees Ligeia in the bedroom that he shares with his new wife, showing how he never forgot about her. Although most people who read Ligeia believe that Poe was emphasizing his own psychological conflicts, others examine the tale as a consciously contrived story of the supernatural with, possibly, allegorical overtones (Shi 134). Poes darker theme of love, was mostly in part of his constant image of death.